Hike to Machu Picchu (good memories)

Jun 23, 21

There is much less known of cacao used by the Incas and natives of Peru compared to the Aztec and Maya cultures. But there was definitely cacao. The rare Chuncho variety was first cultivated by the Machiguenga people in these areas. We are very grateful that we can source cacao from these special lands. It is easy to imagine how cacao was used as a powerful and healthy food source.

May 31, 21
Presenting our new cacao origin: CUSCO, PERU!

At the core of Pure Kakaw lies sourcing special cacaos from special farms. And we’re excited to share cacao from a new origin: Peru! To be more specific, the Quelloúno Valley in Cusco.

May 27, 21
Differences in effects between coffee and cacao
Both coffee and cacao are stimulating drinks but the way they interact with our body is not the same. This is because of the difference between the alkaloids caffeine (coffee) and theobromine (cacao).

May 06, 21
Why we choose agroforestry for the best cacao quality

Although we're not living on a cacao farm, we do want to source from places that we love to be and actually want to live! The farms we partner with use agroforestry principles to grow the cacao in your cup. Agroforestry combines forestry with agriculture, imagine a forest growing your food.

Jan 27, 21
Pure Kakaw in Happinez Magazine

The whole Pure Kakaw project symbolizes working form the heart for us. We fell in love with this whole food and it took us on journey. Through Pure Kakaw we aim to build a sustainable project with a fair supply chain and positive impact on nature.

Jun 20, 20
Neuro-food: feeding your brain

When we think about health, we mostly think about our body. We know much less about how our brain functions, let alone how to care for it. By keeping our brain in good shape we directly impact our mental wellbeing, focus, happiness, productivity, creativity, memory, attention, etc. And our food plays a crucial role.

Jan 25, 20
Nadi Shodhana breathing exercise
Our breath is always with us and using it is very powerful. We love to combine breath with cacao to arrive in the 'now' with a calm mind. In this video Leonie explains the alternating nostril breath called Nadi Shodhana.

1. Prepare cacao in your own way or ritual.
2. Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
3. Balance your breathing through alternating nostrils (see video).
4. Repeat for 10-20 rounds until you feel relaxed and landed into your body.