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  • "Gratitude is the parent of all virtues"

    "Gratitude is the parent of all virtues"

    A daily gratitude ritual can transform your life and make you more optimistic, friendly, empathic, and helpful towards others. Studies have shown that most happy people created a habit of...

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  • coffee-vs-cacao

    Cacao or coffee?

    Let's be honest. We really enjoy a good coffee ourselves. We don't drink it as much anymore because the effect is sometimes too edgy/nervous. More people want to limit their...

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  • raw-cacao

    "Raw" cacao?

    Why ‘raw’ cacao is technically not raw. Although it might be treated with the most care and respect it would be better to label it as ‘unroasted’ unless it is temperature controlled...

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  • Iced Cacao

    Iced Cacao

    There are two ways of making this drink: Pour ice cold oat milk over a cacao shot. Pour a cacao shot over ice cold oat milk. Easy as that :-)

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  • Kickstart your day with a morning routine

    Kickstart your day with a morning routine

    Working in cycles of high peaks and high recovery is most productive and saves time (compared to just putting more hours into a job). Most people have their creative and...

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  • Agroforestry cacao

    Agroforestry cacao

    A cacao drink starts with the soil and the environment where the cacao grows. The agro-industry has transformed most of our food production to large monoculture farms. Productive in a short...

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  • golden-cacao-milk

    Golden Cacao Milk

    One of world's most magnificent drinks from India is called Golden Milk. And for a good reason as it is gold colored from the turmeric, full of taste, warm and...

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  • cacao-drink-active-ingredients

    Active ingredients cacao

    Our cacao adventure started with the fascination about the effect that cacao has on our body and mind. Where the chocolate world focuses mostly on taste (and which is very...

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  • Winter cacao drink

    Winter cacao drink

    And so we're happy to share this delicious recipe for a pot of cacao. It consists of brewing a tea as a base for your cacao drink.

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  • Dance and recover with cacao

    Dance and recover with cacao

    Life needs to be celebrated once in a while and we want to live our fullest potential in a busy schedule of work and realizing our dreams. Here are some...

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  • Make your own chocolate

    Make your own chocolate

    There are infinite combinations for chocolate recipes, but cacao remains its most important ingredient. Without cacao it wouldn't be chocolate. You can easily make all the crazy experiments you dreamed...

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  • Creativity, visualization and manifestation

    Creativity, visualization and manifestation

    If you can let all thoughts, sounds, emotions, sensations just be without focusing on any one of them in particular, your mind becomes more and more calm. See it all...

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  • Increase focus and creativity

    Increase focus and creativity

    One of the effects I find most interesting about cacao is how it increases your focus. This focus is beautiful for drawing, making music, office work, writing, meditating, and getting...

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  • Breathwork with cacao

    Breathwork with cacao

    An experience we love to share. It's actually about breathing, a powerful practice and how cacao can be used to expand it. We have come across some different forms of...

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  • Start your day with cacao

    Start your day with cacao

    Actually we found that cacao supports compassion in a beautiful way. Practicing compassion is the source of happiness according to the Dalai Lama. Helping the brain to function, increasing inner strength, self-confidence...

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