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Iced Cacao

Iced Cacao

Iced Drinking Chocolate

For chocolate lovers during the hot days

This is an incredibly delicious and refreshing drink that we mostly enjoy during the warmers days. There are so many different recipes for cacao drinks and we mostly drink it in a pure form on water base because of the effect. Like a ceremonial drink for special or casual moments. But we never stop experimenting and enjoying cacao in different recipes.

There are two ways of making this drink:

  1. Pour ice cold oat milk over a cacao shot.

  2. Pour a cacao shot over ice cold oat milk.

Easy as that :-)

Our favourite spice combination is with cardamom and chili 🌶.

The cacao from Nicaragua is a perfect flavor fit with a floral and full chocolate aroma.

You can also add ice cubes for the ultimate cool down or take away.




We use plant-based milk

Oat milk is delicious as it is naturally sweet of itself. But you can use any plant-based milk that you like, they all have different perks and we all have different favorites. We just like to keep it vegan and avoid cow milk, which I’m sure is delicious too.


Prepare and store in the fridge

For making cacao drinks the trick is to melt the cacao first which is most easy in hot water. In this way it dissolves well. You can keep this in the fridge for at least a week and very easily make iced cacao drinks with it. So just prepare a bottle of cacao and you can enjoy iced cacao drinks instantly :-).



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