How to make a cacao drink

The perfect serve of your cacao drink is with a frothy layer on top.

Traditionally 100% pure cacao is mixed with hot water and spices and served with thick layers of foam.

This is easy to make, with the option of many different ingredients, using water or plant-based milk.


Cacao Drink

Cacao 15-25gr


hot water ±125ml


optional spices

70°C is hot enough to melt the cacao well, your hot water tap might already do it.

Use a milk frother or (hand)blender to create a delicious layer of foam as a final touch.

Cacao w/ oat milk

Cacao 10-20gr


hot water ±40ml


foamed plant-based milk

Let the cacao dissolve for 15sec in the hot water and stir before pouring the foamed milk.

Delicious with cardamom, chili or golden milk.

Ceremonial cacao

Cacao 35-45gr


hot water 125~200ml


pinch of cayenne

You can add different spices or essential oils that resonate with your ceremony. Brew with intention, sing and enjoy together.

Tips & Tricks

Delicious things to add:

⬖ Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, anise, nutmeg, coconut oil and all your tasty imagination.

⬖ Cayenne pepper gives a nice kick and increases the effect of cacao.

⬖ Maca powder gives a smooth, nutty flavor and an energy boost. It is a hormone balancer and can increase your libido ;-).

⬖ Coconut oil makes the taste softer and smoother.

⬖ Combine a cacao drink with herbs, supplements, nootropics or medicinal mushrooms that you are using. Cacao helps your body to uptake these as a natural carrier and increases your blood circulation.

If pure cacao is a bit too intense for you, add some honey, maple, agave or cane sugar to sweeten it up. Oat milk is delicious to make it more creamy and is naturally sweeter. Many options to design your drink!

Molinillos in Oaxaca (Wiki Commons), the perfect serve is a frothy cacao drink, it has the best mouth feel, releases the aroma and shows rainbow coloured bubbles. The Maya and Aztecs already knew this and used to pour cacao drinks from vase to vase until a layer of foam appeared or used a molinillo (whisk).

Dosing your cacao:

Everybody is different and we have different sensitivities. We recommend:
⬖ 10-25gr casual dose

⬖ 25-35gr medium dose

⬖ 35-45gr ceremonial dose

Cacao has a subtle effect, some notice it directly, others after drinking cacao for a week. You’ll get the most benefits from cacao by using it regularly and important to feel in what’s right for you. For many it's a nice alternative for coffee.

⤖ Also, drink enough water as cacao is slightly dehydrating to avoid a potential headache. In general, always drink enough water :-).

Ritual & Intention

We enjoy preparing a cacao drink as a little ritual. It helps us to be present in the moment and prepares our mind for what we want to do next. Setting an intention for a practice, work project or your day in general is a nice way to integrate with cacao. You anchor your vision with every sip.