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Cacao for Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork


Cacao has become an important element to support living our fullest potential. There are many practices that we enjoy and support us in a healthy and happy life. Cacao combines very well with yoga, meditation and breathwork. Also check out our events.

Cacao & Yoga

A yoga practice nourishes you in many ways. It takes you out of your mind and into your body. You can release tension, move intelligently and feel more calm, present and relaxed in your skin.

The effect of a pure cacao drink combines amazingly well with yoga. Drinking cacao before your yoga practice often sets the base for a deep and heartwarming practice.

Cacao takes your awareness into the moment and body - therefore facilitating the effect you often aim for in the yoga practice. And, the way cacao connects you to yourself in a loving way, supports a deeper practice with a warm feeling of embrace.

Tip: if cacao feels a bit heavy on your belly, moving slowly and breathing relaxed and deeply is a good way to go ;-).

Cacao & Meditation

In meditation we try to focus inward and silence our mind. Not by pushing, but by observing and accepting with softness. By remembering what we are doing. Connecting to deeper layers of ourselves. That's why 'trying' is a good approach. It's not about reaching a goal, just practicing is a journey in itself.

Cacao helps us to dive deeper and practice gratefulness. The focus and clarity that arises helps us in relationships, living in a state of abundance and perform better. We like to sip cacao before/during meditation or afterwards to integrate the practice.

By wishing the benefits we get from meditation and cacao to others we send positive vibes to people close to us, people we know and don't know. By going inwards and extending the practice outside of ourselves we grow even more.

Cacao Meditation

Cacao & breathwork

With or without cacao, learning how your breath can influence your health and emotions can lead to life changing results. There are different breathing techniques that you can easily do yourself. It can be very nice to combine with cacao for example to start your day or taking a break at work. Breathing with cacao deepens the effect of the breathing technique and at the same time the breathing helps to increase the effect of cacao. A beautiful synergy.

A powerful breathwork technique is the Wim Hof Method. With multiple rounds of interconnected breathing, paused by breath retention. Cacao helps to dive deeper in a session. You can check our events to see if we have any session planned.

Leonie explains a few different breathing techniques in the videos below. These pranayamas are different from breathwork as mentioned above. They don't need to be combined with cacao, but can be very beneficial. You can also find more on our Instagram.

Ritual, Intention & integration

When combining cacao with your practice it is nice to prepare your cacao drink as a little ritual. This can range from mixing the cacao and spices with your fullest attention to sitting down for longer as a mini ceremony by yourself or with others to practice together. This helps to be present in the moment and to prepare the mind and body for the practice.

If you have an intention for your meditation, yoga or breathwork session, it is a nice moment to connect with that while making and drinking cacao. Or a nice opportunity to set one :-).

Instead of drinking cacao before your practice, it can also be nice to drink it afterwards. Taking a moment to integrate the practice is often overlooked. When practicing together it is a nice moment to share, learn and connect.

*Drink enough water after your practice, cacao is slightly dehydrating. You might feel a dry mouth or even a soft stingy headache. Water clears this out and helps the body to detoxify.