Alta Verapaz - 100% cacao from Guatemala

Alta Verapaz - 100% cacao from Guatemala


Size 125gr flakes
125gr flakes
450gr flakes
1kg flakes

This cacao grows in the organic food forest at Finca El Porvenir. The Maya have a long tradition of preparing cacao that still exists today. At the farm the rare criollo variety is regrown in a natural way.

The cacao is hand-selected and prepared in a traditional way with knowledge that is passed on for generations, intended for high quality cacao drinks. It is minimally processed, preserving all healthy and active nutrients resulting in a high quality ceremonial cacao. Handled with love, care and intention for cacao drinks that are both powerful in spirit and effect.

At the farm the rare criollo cacao variety is regrown in a natural way from seed. The white cacao seeds are hand selected, sprouted, and when strong enough planted amongst other trees. A combination of grafting and growing cacao from seed in a natural way supports natural diversity. This cacao is a natural mix of criollo and other varieties. The taste is softer and the effect is stronger, which is beautiful in a pure drink.

The organic agroforestry methods used at the farm create a healthy natural environment where nature thrives. The diversity of plants and animals create a beautiful place to be and an example of how food can be grown.

Organically grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
Taste notes: full and smooth taste with a warm, nutty aroma.

Our cacao is 100% natural and pure, without sugar or additives.

Did you know that pure cacao has neurocognitive enhancing effects?


Ideas to enjoy:
- 100% pure drink.
- high-quality ceremonial cacao.
- with spices like cardamom, cinnamon and chili.
- delicious to combine with work for focus & creativity.
- you get the best frothy result by blending it for 10sec with a frother, blender or shaker.


100% pure cacao flakes

Made from whole cacao beans, peeled and ground into a fine paste that dissolves easily in your drink. Our cacao flakes are similar to a block, but extra easy to use: just scoop and mix into a frothy drink. Put them next to your coffee and tea at home or at work to enjoy in your daily life.

☛ more recipes.

‘criollo’ literally means ‘from this land’ and is used in different places. A criollo variety in Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela or Mexico can be different from Guatemala. There are many different names and cacao genetics are much more complex than this, but these unique heirloom varieties are important to protect and regrow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 350 reviews
Soft taste

It's my first time trying out pure cacao. So glad that I chose this one. It's so pure and I love the soft taste. I drink it almost every single day and I definitely notice it's effect on me. It opens and soften my heart. Can't wait to try out other cacao and to compare them.

Gun jezelf deze cacao

De cacao van Purekakaw is heerlijk en heeft echt een goeie kwaliteit. Ik heb ze alledrie geprobeerd en ik vind Alta Verapaz het lekkerst. Matapalga komt bij mij op de tweede plaats en Cusco uit Peru vind ik het minst lekker, want die smaakt een beetje zuur. Van die gebruik ik een minder hoge dosis en dan is hij ook heel goed te doen. Van Alta Verapaz voel ik het meeste effect, het zet echt je hart open waardoor je vooral liefde, compassie en dankbaarheid voelt voor alles om je heen. Ik kijk altijd erg uit naar mijn privé-ceremonies (1-2 keer per week), omdat het me weer helemaal terug bij mezelf brengt. Vele liefde voor Erik en Leonie, waar ook tijdens elke ceremonie veel dankbaarheid naartoe gaat.

Piotr Jadkowski
Pure Kakaw in Meppel

Super lekker smeuïg kakaw met cayennepeper & kaneel

Heleen Hoek
Me time

The cacao forces me to plan me time and to be positive about and to my self.

Good quality and taste

Pure and tasty Cacao. Love it and will order more. Shipment was fast!