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Cacao or coffee?

Cacao or coffee? Let's not make it a competition, but enjoy both. 🍫 ☕

Let's be honest. We really enjoy a good coffee ourselves. We don't drink it as much anymore because the effect is sometimes too edgy/nervous. More people want to limit their coffee intake and have found cacao a great substitute. Let's explain a bit more about the difference.

One of the main active compounds in cacao is theobromine. An alkaloid that is a milder stimulant than caffeine. Where coffee is known for giving an energy peak and dip, cacao gives a longer and softer sustained energy and focus. Also coffee can have a more nervous energy where cacao feels more expanding. Difficult to put exactly in words and best to experience yourself. The effect can be different per person as some of us are more sensitive than others. Finding the perfect dose for you and exploring the subtle effects of cacao are a fun part of the process. A good reminder to check in with ourselves to make healthy choices. And when you crave a coffee enjoy a good quality one that is naturally farmed and sourced ethically.

We certainly love to enjoy both . 😋

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