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Why we choose agroforestry for the best cacao quality

Why we choose agroforestry for the best cacao quality

The most inspiring places where we lived and travelled are those where food was growing around us abundantly. The joy of gardening your own food and eating from the garden or small farm is very satisfying at a fundamental level. It has inspired us in our relation with nature, farming, food, health and community. When we set out to find special cacaos we took these lessons along.

Although we're not living on a cacao farm, we do want to source from places that we love to be and actually want to live! The farms we partner with use agroforestry principles to grow the cacao in your cup. Agroforestry combines forestry with agriculture, imagine a forest growing your food.

Farming in harmony with nature, supporting it to thrive. From the health of the soil to healthy and delicious food. Agroforestry done right knows a high biodiversity (different plants and animals) forming a rich ecosystem that is more or less self supporting. Besides its beauty, there are big advantages like natural protection from pests and diseases. It makes organic farming the norm and takes it to a higher level.

In this way growing our food becomes a positive collaboration with different species of trees, plants, microorganisms, birds and all kinds of animals. We're proud to work with farmers who take this very serious and share our values. When we enjoy our cacao we like to take a little moment of gratitude to this.



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