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Pure Kakaw in Happinez Magazine

Pure Kakaw in Happinez Magazine

Throwback to January 2020 when Happinez covered an 8 page article about us. This was really fun to do, being interviewed with a photoshoot by Danique Van Kesteren, sharing our personal story and the world of cacao.

The article is about where our personal passion for cacao comes from, sourcing directly from origins, and how we have learned a lot from using cacao in our daily life. Both in personal development and for work and creativity in projects.

The whole Pure Kakaw project symbolizes working form the heart for us. We fell in love with this whole food and it took us on journey. Through Pure Kakaw we aim to build a sustainable project with a fair supply chain and positive impact on nature.

For us this is an inspiring way of working and we're grateful for this. We wish the approach of working from the heart to everyone for making a positive impact. From the heart into the world!




Photography by Danique Van Kesteren for Happinez.

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