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Start your day with cacao

Start your day with cacao

Cacao meditation and yoga

It is very enjoyable to start your day with a cup of cacao. Even better to use it to deepen a morning meditation or yoga practice. Different people told us that they find it much easier to connect with themself in meditation after drinking cacao. Experiencing a glowing heart and relaxed mind is very common. This makes sense as cacao is a heart stimulant, increases blood flow through your body, is an extremely high source of magnesium, antioxidants and triggers happiness hormones similar to falling in love. About this incredibly complex food is still much to research, but it is truly is a medicine of the heart.


Actually we found that cacao supports compassion in a beautiful way. Practicing compassion is the source of happiness according to the Dalai Lama. Helping the brain to function, increasing inner strength, self-confidence and reducing fear. Food for thought I'd say.


Erik guiding a cacao meditation


Similar to the benefits for meditation, it deepens practices like yoga by creating inward focus and connection. Out of your head, relaxing into your body. It naturally increases the flow of your practice and use of your breath. Breath is flow and we sometimes forget its importance.


Anyway, enough talking, we happily invite you to try cacao and experience its effect.


Every Wednesday morning we offer a cacao meditation followed by a slow flow yoga session at the beautiful permaculture community InanItah. What a way to start the day. And we look forward exploring this further in Holland. For now we will leave you with this beautiful sunset.


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