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Breathwork with cacao

Breathwork with cacao

An experience we love to share. It's actually about breathing, a powerful practice and how cacao can be used to expand it. We have come across some different forms of breathwork, most are based on a connected full breath.


About Biodynamic Breathwork

Biodynamic Breath combines deep connected breath with movement, sound and touch to release tensions in the body. The approach is based on the view that throughout our lives we store traumatic events in our muscles and fascial tissue. These can be small scary events like almost being hit by a car, accidents in which we get hurt or deep emotional experiences like heartbreak or losing loved ones. The breathwork releases these tensions and helps us to process.


Even without a difficult topic in your life you can experience it as a beautiful form of 'general maintenance' to release any unaware tensions, deeply connect to yourself and experience a loving gratefulness. The experience is difficult to describe, even after various sessions.



Erik and Rafaela preparing a pot of cacao to share before the breathwork session.


How cacao supports breathwork

Before the breathing and some warm-up dancing it's delicious to start with a cup of cacao drink. It gives you energy throughout the session and enables you to go deeper, opening your heart. Cacao supports and protects the cardiovascular system. The theobromine stimulates your heart and at the same time dilates your blood vessels to regulate your blood pressure. This increases the blood flow through the body even more.

This is a beautiful example of how cacao can be used as a catalyst to deepen practices and more powerful experiences.

Also we want to thank Paul for sharing the breathwork and being inventive in combining this practice with cacao.

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