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Increase focus and creativity

Increase focus and creativity

One of the effects I find most interesting about cacao is how it increases your focus. This focus is beautiful for drawing, making music, office work, writing, meditating, and getting things done. It provides a sustainable source of energy that does not peak with a dip.


Cacao is more common in spiritual and healthy food circles for its properties. But this is where we actually see cacao as an efficiency and quality increasing ally for businesses. Focused work, effective meetings and honest connections improve results. Coffee is the meeting standard, people choose tea more often to keep the coffee intake low, but cacao is actually more beneficial. It's also by far the healthiest option!



Achieve your goals

To achieve goals in work and life we try to be fit, healthy, happy and productive. Whether we're artists, creative minds, designers, start-up founders, musicians, web developers, yogis, sales strategists or digital nomads, we all want to achieve our goals in a healthy way. Preparing a delicious cup of cacao and get creative or get things done is our winning choice. We have noticed the same improved focus whether working in a vibrant city, cafe, home, office, jungle or group meeting. "It just gets you in the flow" is one of the responses that sums it all up.


If you're interested in experimenting with cacao for your own work or in your team you can always ask us for more information. Meanwhile we will keep experimenting (read: enjoying) with the effects of cacao, for example in creative sessions. Of course we are very curious to your experience and results!

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