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Making traditional cacao drinks

Making traditional cacao drinks

The trick to a delicious cacao drink is to blend the cacao with hot water into a frothy drink. You can also use plant-based milk and endless spice blends.

Traditionally cacao was prepared as a frothy drink. In the video below Erik explain how you can make this yourself. Our official cooking video 😅.

This has become a nice little ritual in our life that we use for meditation, work, yoga, passion projects, etc.

In short, traditionally the dried beans where:
roasted for a short time on a clay comal
the husks separated from the seeds
the seeds ground into a paste on a metate (grinding stone)
the paste dissolved in hot water with spices
for a final touch mixed with a molinillo (wooden hand whisk) into a frothy drink.

Now you only have to mind about the last step in the process 😉.

-> also see the cacao jungle illustration below!

Before hand whisks, the cacao was poured from one vase into another vase until foam appeared and the drink was mixed well. The Mayas and Aztecs where known for thick foamy cacao drinks and we believe this is still the most delicious way to prepare cacao.

We wish you many happy cacao drinks and do you have a favourite recipe? You can check out our recipe page for more inspiration.





Did you see our Cacao Jungle illustration? Here you can find traditional ways of preparing cacao drinks: roasting on a clay comal, grinding with a metate, pouring de drink from vase to vase for a frothy serve. Also there are some animals hiding in the jungle of course ;-).


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