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Chuncho Cacao from Peru

Presenting our new cacao origin: CUSCO, PERU!

At the core of Pure Kakaw lies sourcing special cacaos from special farms. And we’re excited to share cacao from a new origin: Peru! To be more specific, the Quelloúno Valley in Cusco.

For over a year we have been planning this from tasting samples to many calls with José (who manages the farm with his brothers) to get to know each other better, the farm and of course the cacao. We’re very thankful for the personal connection and the shared values. Erik travelled this area before and we will visit the farm as soon as this feels good again due to covid.

Cusco - our new Peruvian cacao

Cacao originates from the Amazon from where it spread out over Central- and South-America. There are some beautiful cacaos native to Peru and the most rare and precious one is the Chuncho variety. This cacao is known for its unique taste and being very low in bitters. We love to invite you for a tasty journey with the fruity notes and warm nutty aroma that progresses long in your mouth. With making a traditional style drink with 100% pure cacao frothed in hot water the taste starts with a fruity acidity that transforms into a soft and warm taste with nutty after tones. Yummm!

The effect is soft and gentle. When drinking this cacao it makes us feel very warm inside and kind from within. It’s really nice how we can feel a glow in and around our solar plexus when drinking this cacao.

Directly sourced from a natural farm

This cacao is grown on an organic farm close to protected natural parks. A stunning environment bursting with life. A rich ecosystem with many different plants and animals like the blue macaw, armadillos and toucans. With many different plants and intercropping, an agroforestry system is maintained for a healthy system without pesticides, but in balance with natural protection.

The farm is family owned and passed on for generations with the knowledge of growing quality cacao. There are older trees that are there for 40-70 years with newer trees planted as well.

Recipe tip: because this cacao is so soft and delicate, its taste and aroma come out very well in a thicker drink. For example 25gr cacao with 80ml hot water. The fruity acidity might be a bit surprising at the first sip, it transforms quickly in a soft aftertaste that lasts long. The next sips only become more delicious. Blend and froth it well and the texture is amazing! 🤩

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