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Dance and recover with cacao

Dance and recover with cacao

Cacao is becoming more and more popular for a healthy natural high. It gives you energy, stimulates happiness hormones, creates a feeling of bliss and supports you in opening up and connecting to others. Many effects that we enjoy at a party. Over the last year we experimented with bringing cacao to various festivities. Ranging from ecstatic dances to burn events in the desert. Something less known is the nourishing nutrition that cacao gives you the days after a long night of adventures. Of course we always promote a good night of sleep, but then again take good care of yourself when you don't.



Hosting the Kakaw Temple at Landjuweel 2018. Offering a place to relax, connect to yourself, others, music and open up for adventures.


Life needs to be celebrated once in a while and we want to live our fullest potential in a busy schedule of work and realizing our dreams. Here are some of our experiences.

  • Bring cacao drinks along the adventure in a thermos flask or regular bottle. Sharing sips will be much appreciated.
  • Take pieces of pure cacao or beans with you. We enjoy nibbling a cacao heart with friends throughout the night. It has a nice effect and is a nourishing snack at the same time.
  • Cacao is famous for strengthening and prolonging the effects of different substances. For example cacao works on your cannabinoid receptors, contains tryptophan, anandamide, phenylethylamine and theobromine. Although we do not want to promote illegal substances there is substantial research indicating very positive results on the combination with cacao. For example psilocybin containing mushrooms have been combined with cacao for thousands of years. Catalyzing the effects with positive vibes.



Sharing cacao at Nowhere Festival, fueling parties and connecting in check-in circles to co-create to the fullest. Resulting in art projects like this firefly art car.


  • Check-in with your friends at a festival while sharing a cacao drink. In the turbulent adventures we propel ourselves into it is nice to stay connected and knowing where to support each other. Taking a moment to share from the heart is beautiful to dive deeper together. We love to brew a nice cacao drink that helps everyone to open up.
  • Recover and regain your focus after all this madness. Cacao is filled with antioxidants and minerals like magnesium that your body needs to recover and stay healthy. You can find a whole list of the contents of cacao here. Making a drink in the morning the next few days helps for recovering physically, but also mentally. It just becomes easier to get back to your weekly business with a loving focus, creativity and joy.


One tip is to drink enough water. Generally a good advice, but cacao is dehydrating, so nourish yourself and avoid a possible headache :).



Sharing cacao drinks with kirtan before an ecstatic dance.

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