We are restocking cacao as we explained in our Cacao Letter. In the week of May 27th we plan to have a lot in stock again. Sorry for the wait!

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Hibiscus Kakaw Latte 🌺

Hibiscus Kakaw Latte 🌺

We love the taste of hibiscus: floral and sour like a candy. That's a perfect match with our cacao from Matagalpa, Nicaragua!

Try this delicious Hibiscus Kakaw Latte drink at home:

⬖ Heat 125ml of water and 125ml of oat milk.
⬖ Add 3-4 of hibiscus petals (the more you add, the more sour it becomes!) and let infuse for 5 minutes.
⬖ Add 15-25gr of cacao.
⬖ Remove the petals and blend your cacao.
⬖ Enjoy!

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