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Pure Cacao Shot Drink

Kakaw Shot vanilla/cayenne

This drink we enjoy sharing at a diner with friends. The goal is a small cacao drink that is very thick.

Per person:

⬖ 15gr cacao
⬖ 60ml hot water 80-90°C.
⬖ vanilla seeds or extract.
⬖ cayenne / chili; it's a small drink so it can be quite spicy, but be aware 🌶️.
⬖ sweetener to taste like maple, agave, cane sugar; this makes it a bit less intense and works better at a diner table in our experience.

🌪️ Mix all ingredients in a blender or with a handheld mixer/frother.

Pour the thick frothy drinks in nice small cups. Tip: egg cups can have a good size.



📸 Marc Daniel van Biemen

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