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Golden Kakaw Milk

Golden Kakaw Milk



One of world's most magnificent drinks from India is called Golden Milk. And for a good reason as it is gold coloured from the turmeric, full of taste, warm and can be a vegan milky option. Cacao gives it an even deeper, healthy and happier effect.

1. Dissolve 15gr cacao paste in about 50ml hot water. Just enough to melt it well.

2. Pour 150-200ml foamed plant-based milk over the cacao. You can use oat, rice, coconut, almond, hazelnut, any milk you like. Note that some foam better then other.

3. Add the golden spice mix on top. Serve with a spoon so you can stir it through or first enjoy these magnificent aromas.

Optionally you can add some honey to sweeten to taste. Also there is the option to strain a tea of all the fresh spices (turmeric, ginger, pepper, etc) and use this is as the base to dissolve the cacao in. Use a bit more tea/water in this case or make it very strong.

Make a compliment to the next person you meet and sip with a smile ☺.

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