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Kakaw Latte (with oat milk)

Kakaw Latte (with oat milk)



The creaminess of cacao with milk is difficult to resist. Our preference goes to plant-based barista milks like oat. Traditional style cacao is made on water base and are a bit stronger is effect, chocolate milk is more famous as a delicious treat. Even nicer to create your own healthy drinking chocolate.

There are a few different ways to make and serve a cacao drink with plant-based milk. This recipe is prepared by pouring foamed milk over the dissolved cacao. Like a cappuccino - or a cacaopuccino!

1. add 15-20 gram (1-2 tbsp) cacao.
You can choose how strong you want to make it, this is a nice range. If you don't have a scale: 1 tablespoon = ±10gr cacao flakes.

2. add just enough (±40ml) hot water to melt the cacao.
If you don't want to the drink to be too thick/creamy you can add more water here and less plant-based milk later. For example 50-50 or even only a dash of foamed milk in your cacao drink can be nice.

3. pour foamed milk over the cacao paste.
You can froth the oat, almond, coconut, or other milk with a barista steamer or in a pan with a hand whisk or electric frother. Pour it over the cacao so it mixes and the top is covered in foam.

4. add a dash of cardamom on top.
This creates a delicious aroma with every sip. You can also add some cayenne pepper or other spices in the drink. Yummmm!

⤖ Pour a small cacao shot over foamed milk in a transparent glass.
⤖ Mix the cacao directly in plant-based milk in a pan or milk frother.
Ah yes, technically plant-based milk is not really milk ;-).

Enjoy the aromas and sip with a smile ☺.

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