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Kakaw Shot

Kakaw Shot



This recipe is great if you enjoy the kick of an espresso. You can play with the cacao to water ratio for the thickness. It's great with a pinch of chili. A nice alternative is with maple syrup and spices which is a culinary treat to serve during a diner with friends.

1. add 10-15 gram (1 tbsp) cacao.
If you don't have a scale: 1 tablespoon = ±10gr cacao flakes.

2. add ±60ml hot water.
Play with the cacao-water ratio for your favourite thickness. Use water that's just off the boil as the small drink cools of quicker.

3. add a pinch of cayenne.
This gives a nice kick to the cacao shot making it a great energizer.
For making a taste experience for friends cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne are a great combination with maple syrup or other sweetener.

4. blend into a frothy drink!
Using a frother or (hand)blender is an easy way to create a perfect serve with nice bubbles and a delicious aroma. If you're making it for a group it's perfect to mix in a blender and let it run for at least 15 sec to create a thick layer of foam, yummm!

Enjoy the aromas and sip with a smile ☺.

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