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Kakaw Drink

Kakaw Drink


Traditionally cacao is prepared on water base. The word chocolate stems from the Aztec word 'chocolatl' which literally means bitter water or bitter drink. With good quality cacao it's not so bitter actually. This is one of the our most prepared recipes.

1. add 15-25 gram (2 tbsp) cacao for a casual dose.
Note that is is personal as you can make it more or less strong. Everybody is different and we all have different sensitivities. This is a safe and accessible dose. If you don't have a scale: 1 tablespoon = ±10gr cacao flakes.

2. add 100-150ml hot water.
70°C is warm enough to melt the cacao well and a good temperature to drink.

3. add a pinch of cayenne, cinnamon and/or cardamom.
Or any other spices that you like. Optionally sweeten to taste with honey, cane/coconut sugar, agave syrup, etc. For the first time pure cacao can be quite intense for some, but after a few drinks most people get used to the taste and enjoy the pure aromas.

4. blend into a frothy drink!
Using a frother or (hand)blender is an easy way to create a perfect serve with nice bubbles and a delicious aroma. The Maya and Aztecs where already known for making cacao drinks with thick layers of foam.

Enjoy the aromas and sip with a smile ☺.

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