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Kakaw Winter Practice ❄️

Kakaw Winter Practice ❄️

Nature flows in cycles. We are nature. When we move in line with natural flows in life, we can experience an increase of energy. It’s like letting yourself be carried downstream the river of life: you are supported.

Winter blues and ecstatic summer vibes

Do you live in a place where the four seasons are present? Then, you are probably familiar with the winter blues and the ecstatic summer vibes. The difference in energy is noticeable, and a lot of people prefer spring & summer over the dark winter months. 

The sun is our energetic source, and in winter we have less access to our beloved fiery light ball. Our vitamin supplies drop, our energy tends to get lower, nature comes into a state of stillness. Winter time can be harsh, and its presence can be challenging to endure. 

If we look at the meaning of winter, a world opens up about the wisdom and nourishing elements winter time can bring. Winter is a time of emptiness, it stands symbolic for death, and can be a fruitful base for new beginnings. 

How can we embrace the qualities of winter? 

Qualities of winter 

The lights cannot be ‘on’ 24/7. Recovery is an important part of a healthy vibrant life. Winter stands for rest. Not waiting, just being. 

Just like the trees retreat their energy to their roots - we too, can feel we are drawn inside. Reading, cooking, resting, connecting with dear ones, offering our love and attention to our home. Taking our awareness to the essential. 

When we allow ourselves to recharge - our inspiration comes back just like the sun can suddenly appear after a storm. The next season can surprise us with fresh energy, creative ideas and clarity about our next steps. And with enough recharged energy in our systems we are able to turn them into reality. 

Winter time is not about tuning out or disconnect. It is about being present with what is. Being okay with not-knowing and giving yourself time to rest, connect and reflect.

Kakaw Winter Practice

Our breath provides a gateway to connect with the qualities of winter.

Take a moment and feel your breath. Can you feel the natural pause after the exhale? This pause is like winter. A state of emptiness, calmness, nothingness. Just being, still, doing nothing. It can be a peaceful resting moment.
After this pause, your body will tell you when it's time for the inhale. In this breathing practice the inhale is symbolic for spring. 

Follow these steps to enjoy some winter quality time with yourself: 

  • Breathing practice: 
    • Observe your natural breath
    • Take your attention to the natural pause after the exhale 
    • Then, take a moment to rest in this pause after the exhale*
    • When you feel your body wants to inhale again, let it happen
    • After a few minutes of this breathing, let it go and go back to your natural breath 

*When you notice your muscles tense up, shorten the pause. Breathe in a way that your body can stay fully relaxed. 

After the breathing practice:

  • Sip your cacao - pay attention to all the different flavors you can taste
  • Stay seated in stillness until you notice your body starts to move again 
  • Embrace this new energy and take it with you for the rest of your day 

We wish you nourishing stillness this winter time! 

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