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Ceremony with cacao and mushrooms

Cacao & psilocybin: an ancient ceremonial combination

Ceremonies have marked important points in our lives

Going into ceremony has had important value in our lives. The ceremonies we have experienced have guided important decisions, marked points of transformation, and have given insights that helped with the processing matters of life, loss and love. You know about our love for cacao, how we value conscious cacao moments or share cacao together in a ceremony. Here we like to shed light on its combination with psychedelic mushrooms or truffles, and the long history they share.


Earth Medicines: Psilocybin and Cacao

Human history knows all kinds of ceremonies. Some ceremonies use psychedelic substances, plant medicine, or better named earth medicine as fungi are not plants. In this blog we share about ceremonies with sacred mushrooms or truffles and cacao. Psilocybin containing mushrooms grow all over the world, some of the most famous ones come from the Central Americas where they share a history with cacao. Early written records from colonial researchers report: ‘they ate the mushrooms and drank cacao throughout the night’. The Aztec called their sacred mushrooms teonanacátl (flesh of the gods). Cacao’s name is theobroma cacao (food of the gods). Both respected as powerful earth medicine.

Mushroom stones
Mesoamerican mushroom stones, often found with metates and used for grinding the sacraments before use. - image: mushroomstone.com


A powerful and loving synergy

Sacred mushrooms and truffles contain psilocybin that is converted in your body into psilocin, which is the actual psychedelic substance. Because it has such a similar molecular structure as serotonin it stimulates the same neuro receptor. Cacao contains MAO inhibitors that prevent the breakdown and modulates neurotransmitters like serotonin, which would explain why it has a strengthening effect.

In an energetic way - cacao offers a feeling of loving embrace during a psychedelic journey. This can create a safe and warm bedding, helping you to be with whatever arises. Sacred mushrooms open the mind and cacao opens the heart.


It can be a beautiful experience in your life

The beauty is that these ‘tools’ are here and if we use them consciously they can bring great value to our lives and have a positive impact on human consciousness overall. The benefits of psychedelic mushrooms range from personal and spiritual growth, to insightful experiences, aiding in life decisions, trauma work, transforming addiction, and much more. It can give a sense of one-ness and deep connection to our true nature. A common experience is that the sense of self or ‘I’ dissolves.


What is a ceremony?

When we say ceremony - we refer to a specific moment and place that you step into to intentionally connect with yourself on a deeper level. You can step into a ceremony on your own, or share ceremonial space with a group. It involves respect for earth medicine, if you take any, or for a practice that you follow with full attention.

Going into a ceremony can feel humble, in service of something greater than yourself. “It feels like a prayer to something greater than me. Connecting with this source, flow, divine or however you would call it, strengthens my purpose and to how I do things for the greater good.” - Erik


There are a few different ways how cacao can benefit your around a ceremony:

As preparation taking a cacao moment in the days before as a ceremony to connect to deeper layers of yourself and your intention.
During the ceremony around the same time as taking the mushrooms/truffles. And/or when the effect slowly wears off its delicious to share cacao together.
Afterwards integration is important to process everything that happened. Taking some conscious moments for this really helps, and cacao can support that in a loving way, just as practices like breathwork and meditation.

Want to create your own ceremony at home? In this blog you find tips on how to shape your personal ceremony.


Stay safe

It goes without saying that we want the best for your health, physically and mentally. Please inform yourself well and research possible contraindications. When unsure, you can check in with your general practitioner.


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