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Vanilla Kakaw Drink

Vanilla Kakaw Drink

This one is soooo delicious. And it only needs one spice: 


Did you know that the cacao tree often grows side-to-side with vanilla? They go well together, not only in nature, but also in a Kakaw Drink. 

This is how we make our Vanilla Kakaw Drink: 

⬖ Mix 15gr cacao with 75ml hot water 
⬖ Take a Vanilla stick and cut off a small part. Put it in a pan with oatmilk and heat it up slowly until the milk has taken up the Vanilla flavours.*
⬖ Pour the cacao in a cup, and top it off with the Vanilla milk

You can see the tiny black Vanilla seeds create a beautifully dotted cacao drink. Enjoy! 

 *Tip: if you have the time - let the plant based milk soak with Vanilla overnight. It will extract way more flavours when it is given the time.

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