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Starry Kakaw

Starry Kakaw

Cacao and anise go great together. They are like friends that have traveled for hours to enjoy each other's company. Anise comes from Azia, and brights up your cacao drink with that fresh spicy hint of oriental delight. 

We love it with Cusco cacao from Peru, but you can also use Alta Verapaz or Matagalpa cacao.

Starry Cacao recipe for a cup:

⬖ Heat 125ml of water + 125ml of oat milk with a star anise
⬖ Let it simmer and infuse for 3-5min
⬖ Add a pinch of Chili and ginger
⬖ Remove the Star anise
⬖ Add 15-20gr of Cusco Cacao, make sure temperature is around max. 70-80°C.
⬖ Froth and it's ready! ☺️

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