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Lavender Kakaw

Lavender Kakaw

Lavender is widely known for its variety of health benefits. Among others, it promotes stress relief, improves mood and restful sleep. Its pleasant aroma fits in surprisingly well with the taste of cacao. 😋

Combined with ginger and a touch of honey, you’re on for a relaxing time and a soothing drink with earthy, sweet and floral aromas. There’s nothing left to say or do but to try it, and here’s the recipe for one drink:

⬖ Mix and heat 100ml of water + 100ml of oat milk
⬖ Infuse 1 tsp of lavender blossoms (dried or fresh) for 2-3 min (varies to your liking, this length gives a smooth floral taste)
⬖ Pour 1/2 tsp of powdered ginger
⬖ Add 15 to 25gr of pure cacao (Guatemala is our favorite here)
⬖ Add a touch of honey to harmonise the taste 
⬖ Mix & froth your drink into a foamy serve
⬖ Enjoy the moment ♡

With special thanks to Mathieu & Romane for the photo and delicious recipe. 

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