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Ceremonial Coconut Cacao

Ceremonial Coconut Cacao

The most special is to make your own fresh coconut milk by blending the coconut flesh in water and strain it. But you can also use any coconut milk to your choice, there are a few barista versions available.

This recipe contains delicious spices. Because not all spices have the same intensity you have to add them to touch. Especially the spiciness of cayenne can differ quite a lot. You can add sweetener to taste (like honey, agave, panella or coconut blossom sugar).

1. Heat water with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, like a chai. Strain if you used whole spice parts like cinnamon sticks and seeds. So you end up with no pieces in your drink. Or use powdered spices to make it easy.

2. Add coconut milk to the hot chai. 1:1 is a nice ratio, but you can play with this to your liking. Do not let the coconut milk boil.

3. Add ±40gr cacao and let it dissolve.

4. Add black pepper, cayenne and vanilla.

5. Blend into a frothy drink. You can do this by hand with a whisk or use a (hand)blender / milk frother. The result should be foamy and bubbly!

⬖ Sing to your cacao throughout the whole process, filling it up with good intentions and energy.

⬖ As a final touch to serve sprinkle a few cacao nibs and spices on top! 💫



With many thanks to our friends at El Pital for sharing this recipe and serving style (check the photo!). Take your time and attention for making this recipe, you'll enjoy it even more. ♡

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