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Cacao & Breathwork | Every Month

Cacao & Breathwork | Every Month

The breath is always with us and has the unique quality of offering us a conscious portal to our unconscious state of being. By learning how to listen to and guide your breath - you gain a steady navigation tool through the ebbs and flows of life.  It is a powerful way to practice presence.

In this session we combine breathwork with cacao to support a deeper dive and a gentle loving space during our breathing sessions. They form a golden combination.

You learn about the principles of your breath and we dive into a breathing session that releases tension in the body and creates more flow in your daily life. 

Every month you can join a group session or book a 1-1 session with Leonie here (if the link doesn't work - mail to 

Time: 19.30-21.30 (walk in from 19.15)
Location: Studio Vliegenbos - Nieuwendammerkade 24F, Amsterdam
Investment: €32,50 (2 budget tickets available per night: €25,50)

  • Make sure you have eaten lightly beforehand, make sure you have energy but prevent a full belly so you can enjoy the nourishing cacao drink

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • The location lies next to the beautiful Vliegenbos forest - if you have the time it’s a great treat for yourself to take a walk through the forest before you arrive at the studio :)

Note: breathwork is healing and deep work. If you experience anxiety, epilepsy attacks, or if you are pregnant, this workshop is unfortunately not suited to join. If you have any concerns or curious questions about participating, please contact me at

Dates 2024

Thu 6 June
Thu 4 July
Thu 1 Aug
Thu 5 Sept
Thu 3 Oct
Thu 7 Nov
Thu 5 Dec

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