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Cacao & Singing

Cacao & Singing


You are invited for a heartwarming community night with cacao, sound and singing!

We share cacao together and meet each other in a space of playfulness, connection and singing. Expressing your voice through singing soothes the body, welcomes the heart and calms the mind. Carried by the warm embrace of cacao, you can fully relax into the moment and be here and now, together.

Through cacao and the breath we first connect with our internal world. From there we meet each other in the vibration of sound. Cacao has her way of holding whatever is there in a loving embrace of acceptance. We drink pure cacao directly sourced from beautiful food forests in Latin America.  


We organise this night at 2 locations: Yoga Circle (Adam West) and Studio Vliegenbos (Adam Noord). Join us on the following dates. 

Yoga Circle

Dates: Fri 19 July | 30 Aug | 27 Sept | 1 Nov | 22 Nov | 13 Dec 
Time: 20.00-21.30
Price: €20

You can sign up for this event on the website of Yoga Circle, Amsterdam.

Studio Vliegenbos

Dates: Wed 4 Sept | 16 Oct | 13 Nov | 11 Dec 
Time: 19.30-21.30
Price: €20

Sign up here for Cacao & Singing at Studio Vliegenbos

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