100% pure cacao block

Enjoy the benefits of cacao in traditional cacao drinks. Boost focus & creativity, use for meditation & ceremony or make delicious chocolate treats. Order this 400gr cacao block directly to an NL address with the button below.


NL shipping is included in the price and it fits through your mailbox so you don’t have to be home. Contact us for international shipping or larger orders.


How to make a cacao drink

  1. Dissolve 15-25gr of pure cacao paste in hot water or oat milk.

  2. Add optional spices.

  3. Blend into a frothy drink for the perfect serve.

Cacao shot: 15gr cacao + chili + 125ml hot water.


A natural product that we're proud of

The cacao that we fell in love with in Nicaragua grows in the Matagalpa region, a beautiful natural environment in the mountains.

High quality fermentation creates an exquisite taste with deep complex flavors. Fermenting cacao is an art and we're grateful to work with professionals to create a product that we're proud of and want to use every day ourselves.

No chemicals or pesticides are used and fair prices are paid to the farmers for the quality that they deliver to support their sustainable way of working. We are proud to collaborate with agroforestry farms that support rich and diverse ecosystems.

We visit farms personally and agree on every step from farming to your cacao paste to ensure the highest quality.