100% cacao block

Unleash the floral chocolate aroma of this this ceremonial cacao block by making your own cacao drinks. Enjoy its benefits in meditation & ceremony or boost your focus & creativity in your daily life.

This is high-quality cacao is processed with care in every step from the soil and environment where it grows to a well packed block.

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How to make a cacao drink

  1. Dissolve 15-25gr of pure cacao paste in hot water or oat milk.

  2. Add optional spices.

  3. Blend into a frothy drink for the perfect serve.

Cacao shot: 15gr cacao + chili + 125ml hot water.


A natural product that we're proud of

Our love for cacao and curiosity has led us to beautiful farms and connected us to inspiring people. We personally visit farms to select high-quality cacao and build sustainable partnerships. In this way we can agree on every step in the process and transparency in the supply chain. The small holder farms that we collaborate with are our partners and by paying fair prices we can support them in continuing this beautiful work.

With a positive impact on nature

The best quality cacao grows in healthy, natural environments. Both in nutrients and in spirit. This is why our cacao is grown by organic farming methods and agroforestry principles (no pesticides and chemicals). We do not just want to support cacao farms, we want to support food forests! With high biodiversity and complex ecosystems. The more farmers that can be inspired by this way of caring for their land the greater positive impact on nature.