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Discover why cacao has been a sacred drink for thousands of years

Unique quality cacao directly and ethically sourced from the farm.
Discover traditional style cacao & take a deep dive into exploring its positive effects and aromas.


Pure Kakaw is born out of a passion for cacao, traditional use and indigenous knowledge. In the search for transparency, fairness and healthy natural ecosystems, we travel to cacao origins to connect with farmers and directly source special cacao from beautiful places. We want to bring back traditional style cacao drinks to enjoy the benefits for our body and mind. We’re grateful to share these special cacaos with you.


Cacao is the fruit from the Theobroma Cacao tree, which literally means ‘food of the gods’. It is used by native people in Mesoamerica as a sacred drink. There are many mysteries around cacao and recent research shows interesting health benefits and neurocognitive effects. The best is to explore for yourself why cacao has such a rich history as a powerful sacred plant.