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A guide to choose between the different aromas and effects

Hello fellow cacao enthusiast, welcome to our world of cacao. Choosing between different cacaos can seem impossible. At the same time there is no 'wrong' choice. Experiencing different cacaos, her aromas and effects are a joy to connect deeper to this powerful plant.

Diversity is wealth

An important part of our mission is to source special and unique quality cacaos. Because the world of cacao is so diverse, we do not want to limit us to one cacao, there is no 'single best', and different people have different favorites.

Each of our cacao origins is like a different story waiting to be told, offering its diverse range of flavors and effects. We hope this information helps you to navigate between them and even better to compare them yourself.

⬖ Matagalpa Cacao
This cacao has a deep familiar chocolate aroma with floral hints. It has a very round taste profile and many people find it accessible to get to know cacao. The effect is very clear and clean. It is popular by people new to cacao and a long time favorite for cacao experts in daily use and ceremonies.

⬖ Alta Verapaz Cacao
This cacao has a soft and smooth taste with an aroma of nuts. You could describe it as a cozy and warm taste experience that easily brings a smile upon your face. At the same time it is of of the most powerful ceremonial cacaos around with a strong effect.

⬖ Cusco Cacao
This is a very delicate cacao, both in the way it grows as well in its taste and effect. The extra short roast leaves a citric fruity acidity. This is done on purpose to keep the tropical fruity aromas. At the same time it has very low bitters and a soft nutty aftertaste. It's effect is softer, but profound and feels like it focuses on the solar plexus area. In our experience it is the most delicious to prepare this cacao thicker than usual, as this brings the best balance between the delicate tastes, acidity, fruity aromas and mouthfeel (specialty coffee fans will love it).

Because of these different taste and properties of the cacaos, we love to intuitively switch between them. It can be a real joy to have two or even three different cacaos to choose from. At the same time maybe you just have a favorite to stick to. To really know, we advise our Discovery Pack to try out 2 or 3 cacao's with some discount. 👇