Cacao for Ceremony

Cacao has been used as a sacred drink for thousands of years. In a cacao ceremony it is used and respected as a plant medicine.

Cacao is a beautiful catalyst for healing work. The increasing popularity is something we can only support with all out heart.

Medicine of the heart

Cacao supports us to journey to within, connect to our heart, reveal patterns, cultivate self-love, increase consciousness and supports us in our path and personal growth. It does not create things that are not there, but rather is a catalyst in these processes. It is known as a heart opening medicine that helps us to expand insight and awareness.

In Western cultures we’re not used to see plants as sacred or allocate them certain powers, although more people become interested in what we can learn from plants. Knowledge of native cultures is valued more and plants become more popular as ‘medicine’.


What is a cacao ceremony?

Every cacao ceremony is different. On the one hand there are different settings and facilitators, but also the group and things that might arise for you are never the same. We advise to come with an open mind and set your own intentions (instead of expectations).

The facilitator and setting are an important part as you can be guided through meditation, singing, dancing, sound journey, group processes, etc. You can ask about the intention of the facilitator if you want to have some information before.

It is good to know that most knowledge about traditional ceremonies by native cultures like the Mayas and Aztecs has been lost. Modern ceremonies draw a lot of inspiration from old cultures, but are adapted new forms. Luckily the spirit of cacao is going strong and is worked with by beautiful people. You can explore the effects of cacao yourself.

If you want to join a cacao ceremony you can check our planned events or we happily connect you with beautiful people we collaborate with. We organize different events with cacao, like meditations, yoga, ceremonies (sometimes on festivals), kirtan, and concerts.

Ceremonial grade cacao

The quality of cacao is of course an important part to do healing work. Ceremonial grade cacao is not only active and high quality, but also grown, handled and processed with great care and intention.

All our cacao is ceremonial grade quality although we do not always promote it under this title. Feel free to ask us anything about our cacao, which one to choose or how we can support you. We’re grateful for the heartwarming responses after journeys that people made with our cacao.


Prepare a ceremonial brew

Sharing a cacao drink is central to a ceremony, prepared and respected as a sacred plant medicine rather than a candy treat.

There are many different blends that can be used for a ceremonial cacao brew. The base is always 100% pure cacao on a water base. Optional spices can be blend in or herbs/elements that are in line with the intention for the ceremony. For example chili/cayenne is an ancient combination that increases the effect of cacao. If the taste of pure cacao is too intense you can add some sweetener, but connecting to the plant through taste is also part of it :-).

A larger dose than normal is used to dive deeper with the medicine. In general a ceremonial dose ranges from 30 to 42 gram. Estimate for yourself what dose feels good or if you want to offer an optional second round.

For example per serving: blend 33gr cacao with a pinch of chili in 150ml 70°C water.

*Always drink enough water to avoid a headache or ‘hangover’. Cacao has a dehydrating effect that is sometimes overlooked in ceremonies. Drinking water can clarify the effect, open and detoxify.