Make your own chocolate

May 12, 18

There are infinite combinations for chocolate recipes, but cacao remains its most important ingredient. Without cacao it wouldn't be chocolate. You can easily make all the crazy experiments you dreamed of.

Apr 26, 18
Creativity, visualization and manifestation

If you can let all thoughts, sounds, emotions, sensations just be without focusing on any one of them in particular, your mind becomes more and more calm. See it all as one big orchestra where you don’t focus on any musician or instrument at a time, but enjoy the whole as one big happening. Observing with curiosity instead of trying to solve anything.

Mar 30, 18
Increase focus and creativity

One of the effects I find most interesting about cacao is how it increases your focus. This focus is beautiful for drawing, making music, office work, writing, meditating, and getting things done. It provides a sustainable source of energy that does not peak with a dip.

Mar 21, 18
Breathwork with cacao

An experience we love to share. It's actually about breathing, a powerful practice and how cacao can be used to expand it. We have come across some different forms of breathwork, most are based on a connected full breath.

Mar 12, 18
Start your day with cacao

Actually we found that cacao supports compassion in a beautiful way. Practicing compassion is the source of happiness according to the Dalai Lama. Helping the brain to function, increasing inner strength, self-confidence and reducing fear. Food for thought I'd say.