Increase focus and creativity

Mar 30, 18

One of the effects I find most interesting about cacao is how it increases your focus. This focus is beautiful for drawing, making music, office work, writing, meditating, and getting things done. It provides a sustainable source of energy that does not peak with a dip.

Mar 21, 18
Breathwork with cacao

An experience we love to share. It's actually about breathing, a powerful practice and how cacao can be used to expand it. We have come across some different forms of breathwork, most are based on a connected full breath.

Mar 12, 18
Start your day with cacao

Actually we found that cacao supports compassion in a beautiful way. Practicing compassion is the source of happiness according to the Dalai Lama. Helping the brain to function, increasing inner strength, self-confidence and reducing fear. Food for thought I'd say.