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The Power of Rituals

The Power of Rituals

Through Pure Kakaw we love to learn and share about living our life to its fullest potential. Rituals are part of life, in many forms, and can support us in many ways.

How can rituals be powerful?

After talking a lot about this topic and feeling into it we keep getting back to one main point: rituals help us to be fully present and give meaning to our lives.

Technically a ritual refers to a sequence of actions or gestures. Often used in traditions and communities, maybe religious, maybe not. There are different definitions and we like to think about it as a conscious way of doing something important to you.

We use rituals to nourish and grow the important things in our lives. You might be familiar with the expression: what you focus on grows stronger. Rituals offer a powerful way to bring your full attention to something and integrate it more and more into your daily life.

When you take time in ritual, you can connect to a deeper layer inside yourself. In this connection we often find an abundant feeling of love, gratitude and meaningfulness. And it can offer clarity and guidance for important choices.

Start your own ritual

Creating a ritual space sets the base. It can be an extravagantly decorated room or a simple setup like lighting a candle. Creating the space is helpful to set your mind in the right direction.

Setting an intention in the beginning creates more depth. Is there something you would like to invite more into your life (like an open mind, a deeper connection with yourself, a feeling of gratitude or clarity about an important decision)? There are many ways to bring ritual in your life. Below we share some examples. Be authentic and feel what resonates with you.

Some examples

⬖ Morning / Evening ritual

Changing from night into the day, from the day into the night, from sleep to being awake and the other way around. It's nice to have something to embody this transition. It can be a little dance, cold shower followed with a meditation, drawing for 10 minutes, playing an instrument or some self massage to wash off the day or waking up your body.

⬖ Preparing Cacao

Clearly our favourite! 😍 Carefully selecting all the ingredients, spices, a cup, feeling into what taste we need today. Enjoying the process of mixing our cacao into a frothy drink. Observing the texture and the bubbles, the smell. Taking a deep breath and setting an intention, maybe whispering it into the cacao. Being there with our full presence and with the joy of cacao diving into what we want to do.

⬖ Practicing Gratefulness

A practice or a ritual? We'll leave that up to you to decide, but one way we enjoy doing this at the end of the day when going to sleep, just checking in with each other: What are you grateful for today? It's an easy question and its a nice way to end the day. You can do this with your partner, with a friend or with yourself.


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