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Gratefulness ritual with Beronica

Gratefulness ritual with Beronica

On the last day of our visit Beronica took us to a beautiful place on the farm to share a ritual with us. We walked up picking flowers on our way, on a path that got narrower and narrower. Through the thick green layers, we stepped into a hidden open space with a water pond and big old ceiba trees all around us. A massive rock stood in the middle, that served as our table. It was already breathtaking to be at this place that felt like a hidden gem.

walking to cacao ritual place leonie at the cacao farm

In our pockets we had cacao beans and bee wax candles. We made those candles ourselves in the afternoon with bee wax from the farm. The bee wax smelled delicious - Beronica had mixed it with ylang-ylang flowers that grow in the garden. Making the candles was fun, we dipped the cords again and again in the bee wax until they became thick enough. Eventually our creations looked enough like candles for them to be taken to the ritual ;).

Together we decorated the table with the flowers and cacao beans. After the ritual we would leave this behind, as an offering - a gift back to nature. Then, one by one, we lit our candles and shared the things we felt grateful for. It was a lovely way to connect further with each other and express our gratitude of working together. After we all took a turn sharing we continued more popcorn style to share gratefulness and personal stories for about an hour until it became dark. We feel thankful for this land, all the hard work that goes into it, the personal connection, the joy, the lush nature, the beautiful cacao and so many more things.

ceiba tree gratefulness ritual cacao

This ritual was powerful because of its simplicity. It goes straight to the core of all virtues: gratefulness. Taking a moment to stand still, become aware of the gifts we receive and sharing space and time to connect with each other about this. It was a very special way to end our last day together.

We were touched by a feeling of humbleness today. Nothing is granted. You never know what life brings, and what harvest nature gives. It feels like a blessing to be able to work together with El Porvenir, bring high quality cacao to Europe, and support healthy nature like this. We hope this can inspire many more farms, and that more people take care of a piece with love and knowledge.

To share cacao grown on nutrient soil like this, treated with so much love and care is truly very special.


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