Pure Kakaw in Happinez Magazine

Jan 27, 21

The whole Pure Kakaw project symbolizes working form the heart for us. We fell in love with this whole food and it took us on journey. Through Pure Kakaw we aim to build a sustainable project with a fair supply chain and positive impact on nature.

Jun 20, 20
Neuro-food: feeding your brain

When we think about health, we mostly think about our body. We know much less about how our brain functions, let alone how to care for it. By keeping our brain in good shape we directly impact our mental wellbeing, focus, happiness, productivity, creativity, memory, attention, etc. And our food plays a crucial role.

Jan 25, 20
Nadi Shodhana breathing exercise
Our breath is always with us and using it is very powerful. We love to combine breath with cacao to arrive in the 'now' with a calm mind. In this video Leonie explains the alternating nostril breath called Nadi Shodhana.

1. Prepare cacao in your own way or ritual.
2. Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
3. Balance your breathing through alternating nostrils (see video).
4. Repeat for 10-20 rounds until you feel relaxed and landed into your body.
Jan 12, 20
Making traditional cacao drinks

Before hand whisks, the cacao was poured from one vase into another vase until foam appeared and the drink was mixed well. The Mayas and Aztecs where known for thick foamy cacao drinks and we believe this is still the most delicious way to prepare cacao.

Jan 04, 20
"Gratitude is the parent of all virtues"
A daily gratitude ritual can transform your life and make you more optimistic, friendly, empathic, and helpful towards others. Studies have shown that most happy people created a habit of actively practicing gratitude. For us this practice brings more joy, connection, and a strong positive mindset into our lives.
Dec 04, 19
Cacao or coffee?

Let's be honest. We really enjoy a good coffee ourselves. We don't drink it as much anymore because the effect is sometimes too edgy/nervous. More people want to limit their coffee intake and have found cacao a great substitute. Let's explain a bit more about the difference.

Aug 28, 19
"Raw" cacao?
Why ‘raw’ cacao is technically not raw. Although it might be treated with the most care and respect it would be better to label it as ‘unroasted’ unless it is temperature controlled in every step. Sometimes also the concept of raw is changed to a higher temperature to make it fit in and still sell it as raw, which does sound sexy of course, but isn't very fair.