Mayan Criollo Guatemala - 100% cacao flakes

Mayan Criollo Guatemala - 100% cacao flakes


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125gr bag - €11
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This Mayan Criollo Cacao grows in an organic food forest in Guatemala. The Mayans have a long history of cacao tradition that still exists today. Criollo is a rare native cacao variety. 

The genetic variety of this cacao is native to the land and the Mayan people. The cacao beans are white instead of dark purple. The taste is softer and the effect is stronger, which is beautiful in a pure drink. The farm has a regrowth project to bring back this native variety in a natural way, growing the trees from seed and hand selecting the beans on quality.


Our cacao is 100% natural and pure, without sugar or additives. 

Did you know that pure cacao has neurocognitive enhancing effects?


The cacao is prepared in a traditional way with knowledge that is passed on for generations. It is minimally processed preserving all healthy and active nutrients resulting in a high quality ceremonial cacao. It is coarsely stoneground, similar to how it was done by hand on a metate (traditional grinding stone). This means that you can get some residue in the end of your cup, which is delicious to spoon up :-).

The cacao is handled with love, care and intention in every step to make cacao drinks that are both powerful in spirit and effect.


Organically grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
Taste notes: very soft and smooth taste with a warm, nutty aroma.


Ideas to enjoy:
- 100% pure drink.
- with spices like cardamom, cinnamon and chili.
- high ceremonial grade quality.
- delicious to combine with work for focus & creativity.
- you get the best frothy result by blending it for 15sec with a frother or (hand)blender.


100% pure cacao flakes

Flakes are small pieces of whole food, pure cacao paste. Similar to a block, but extra easy to use: just scoop and blend into a frothy drink. Put them next to your coffee and tea at home or at work to enjoy in your daily life.

☛ more recipes.


>> ‘criollo’ literally means ‘from this land’ and is used in different places. A criollo variety in Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela or Mexico can be different from Guatemala. There are many different names and cacao genetics are much more complex than this, but these unique varieties are important to protect and regrow.

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