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Explore our declicious cacaos 👇

Serve cacao at your shop or cafe?

Cacao drinks are becoming more popular to enjoy a quality drinking chocolate or traditional style cacao. A conscious & healthy choice, with positive vibes.

Why Cacao?

Cacao is an original and healthy option in your product offer. It is packed with nutritional compounds, antioxidants, minerals like magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. Our cacao is minimally processed and a wholesome food. More people like to choose a quality and fine flavor cacao or want to replace their coffee with a healthy drink.

For whom?

Cacao resonates most with conscious living people who want to make a healthy choice or try something new. More and more people already know pure cacao drinks. Our cacao is directly sourced from the farm and we build long time relationships with the farmers.

How and when to serve?

Favourite moments to drink cacao are in the morning and as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Cacao is a mild stimulant so not everyone can sleep well from cacao in the evening.

Two favourite recipes are pure on water base with spices or with foamed oat milk like a cappuccino. Check out this recipe page for more inspiration, be creative or ask us to help you with cacao on your menu.

Advantages in a nutshell:

⬖ Original and healthy product offer.

⬖ Easy to make.

⬖ Coffee alternative.

⬖ One year shelve life at room temperature (actually longer).

⬖ 100% pure cacao means we don’t sell you sugar. There are delicious recipes where you can add a favourite sugar, honey or syrup. As an example in 65% chocolate you get 350gr sugar in a kg.

⬖ Story and information about cacao in a nice design.

Contact us for wholesale options.

Prepare cacao drink guide

About us

We source cacao directly from carefully selected farms. We visit farms personally to build a long time relationship with the farmers and to know the whole supply chain. In this way we pay higher prices for high quality cacao. We work with agroforestry farms with a rich natural ecosystem to support healthy natural environments.