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Feel the Forest | Microdose morning

Feel the Forest | Microdose morning

Feel the forest on this Wednesday morning with cacao, a (optional) truffle microdose, gentle breathwork, movement practice and a silent forest walk 🌿

These mornings allow you to feel the change of the seasons and connect to the natural cycles. We are nature, and by perceiving the nature around us - we can receive droplets of wisdom about ourselves.

Enjoy a moment of stillness, deep relaxation and a gentle new perspective inspired by cacao, truffles and the breath. A great way to start the day with a calm mind, a relaxed body and renewed energy.



  • A heartwarming cacao drink 

  • Microdose of psilocybin truffles (optional)

  • Gentle breathwork session

  • Live music 

  • Movement practice

  • A silent walk through the forest 


Cacao and a Truffle microdose

We start the morning with a warm welcome and a delicious cacao drink. Cacao supports your body and spirit with loving energy. It's like a warm embrace from nature. This lays the foundation for a safe, joyful and warm bedding in which you can choose to enjoy a microdose of psilocybin truffles. The truffles support your body to deeply relax and invite your mind into an open awareness and reflective state of mind. If you feel you do not want to take the truffles you are of course welcome to enjoy this morning without. 


Breathing and gentle movement practice

We continue with a gentle breathing practice, where we deepen the breath and - through connected breathing - drop deeper into our body and allow ourselves to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. The breath can open up a pathway to unconscious feelings or themes, and give new insights to work with.

We come out of the breathing practice through a short yin & slow flow practice. During the whole movement practice you are invited to follow your own flow.


Forest walk

After stretching our bodies, we walk in silence into the forest. Mindfully we journey through plants and trees, hear the birds and insects, perceive what is happening in nature around us. We take the time to truly feel the forest, and maybe even take some wisdom with us to integrate into our daily lives.



Dates 2024: 24 April | 15 May | 19 June | 17 July | 14 Aug | 25 Sept | 16 Oct | 20 Nov | 18 Dec

Time: 10.00-13.00

Ticket: pay as you can between €30-60

Location: Studio Vliegenbos, Nieuwendammerkade 24F, Amsterdam

Note: during this morning we will enjoy a gentle breathing session. It's good to know that breathwork is healing and deep work. If you experience anxiety, epilepsy attacks, or if you are pregnant, please let me know (mail to beforehand so I can hold this into account during the session. 


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