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Partner Retreat with Breath & Massage

Partner Retreat with Breath & Massage

Enjoy a day full of care, attention and quality time with your partner.

Soheila and Leonie guide you through a sequence of breath and massage practices that you can take home with you to nourish your relationship. Step out of daily patterns and learn to communicate and connect with your partner on a different level, focused on the breath, body and loving presence.

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Do you want to:

-spend a nourishing time together with your partner
-allow your connection to deepen through loving presence and quality time
-learn about your relationship dynamics
-explore roles of giving and receiving
-experience the art of giving - staying true and close to your own needs
-explore the art of receiving - vulnerably opening up to your partner
-find new inspiration for a nourishing partner practice to do at home
-build breath & body awareness
-wish to connect with each other free from the daily patterns

Then this workshop can be a big treat for you and your relationship. Soheila - a massage therapist - and Leonie - a breathwork facilitator, happily welcome you to this Partner Day.


We welcome you at Studio Vliegenbos with a heartwarming cacao drink, and we take a moment to arrive in the space with each other. Then we go into a gentle breathing practice that allows you to feel and connect with yourself before we step into the partner exercise.

During the partner exercise we guide you through breath, sharing and body practices that help you to meet each other from a place of truth and openness - free from assumptions and fully present with each other in the now.

You will both experience the role of giver and receiver on this day. We teach you a sequence to take home with you - that you can practice at any time to deepen and nourish your connection.

Learn ways to explore the breath and body together, and practice different massage techniques. We will first walk through the practice step by step, and you will both practice a free-flow massage afterwards to experience your connection through bodywork more deeply. During the massage, we will walk around and support you where needed.

Included on this day is a delicious lunch at the location. During break time you are welcome to enjoy a refreshing walk through the forest or a sun bath at our roof terrace (if the weather allows;). There will be snacks throughout the day as well.

After we close this day, the practice has only begun! The great thing about this workshop is that it aims to teach you tools that you can take home with you. So you can build on it for more body-awareness and connection at home.

This day includes:

- A welcoming cacao drink
- Exercises for connection
- Opening breathing practice
- Massage techniques for both gentle and deeper bodywork
- Personal guidance by a massage therapist
- Learning about body language
- Recognising desires and your ‘yes’
- Experiencing the roles of giving and receiving
- Live music to rest and integrate

After this day we send you a handout with the Partner Sequence, so you have clear guidance to continue at home. It’s possible to buy cacao at the location as well, so you can include this into your partner sequence at home too.

For who:
This workshop is meant for partners that are looking for a loving, body-based practice to nourish their relationship. You can also come with a friend, if you feel comfortable to share an intimate practice together.


Date and time: Saturday 6 July 10.00-17.00
Location: Studio Vliegenbos: Nieuwendammerkade 24F, Amsterdam
Price: €145 (€290 per couple) | Early Bird until 6 June €125 early bird (€250 per couple)


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