Why cacao?

During travels in South and Central America we got first experience with pure cacao. And it has been impressive. Before, we only knew cacao as the ingredient for chocolate and heard some stories about its health benefits and use as a sacred plant. We learned that the cacao as an ingredient for most chocolate is highly processed for taste, costs and derivative products. This processing destroys many healthy and active substances which make cacao so special. Experiencing the power of pure cacao added a whole new view. An experience we love to share.

Our goal is to:

  • Find the best quality cacao for your health and spirit.

  • Create transparency and fairness in the supply chain.

  • Bridge spirituality and science for healthy living.

We want to share cacao and explore further why many native people valued this plant so highly. The Classical Mayans used the word 'kakaw' which we use with respect to a time when cacao prospered. We feel it is time again to experience how cacao can support us in health, yoga, meditation, work and creativity.



In modern times we search connection to (our) nature, which can be a challenge living in cities and being surrounded by technology. We see more and more people exploring ways to connect with themselves and each other. Have a meaningful impact on the world. And want to live a healthy life. For us cacao supports this whether you use it for spiritual purposes, meditation, deepen practices like yoga, creativity, focus for work or just want to eat healthily.