Ceremonial Cacao


The most important element for a ceremonial elixer is the quality of the cacao. The preparation is not so complicated, giving you enough space to create with your intention and enjoy the medicine of the heart.

The amounts below are per person, you can multiply it by the number of people.

1. add 33-42 gram (3-4 tbsp) cacao for a ceremonial dose. 
Everybody is different and we all have different sensitivities. By using cacao more regularly you will find out what dose works well for you at different moments. 
If you don't have a scale: 1 tablespoon = ยฑ10gr cacao flakes.

2. add 150-200ml hot water
70ยฐC is warm enough to melt the cacao well and is a good temperature to drink. You can play with the amount of water to create the thickness that you like. Some people like a thick cacao elixer while for some this is too intense.

3. add a pinch of cayenne and other optional ingredients.
Cayenne is a traditional (and very nice) combination with cacao. There are many combinations possible like: rose, cardamom, cinnamon, wild orange, medicinal mushrooms, etc. Ginger can be nice as a digestive spice, something to try out if that works for you. 
You can also add some sweetener to taste, like honey, maple, coconut sugar, etc. In general too much sugars are avoided to keep the pure effect from the cacao.

4. blend into a frothy drink!
This is important to serve a beautiful cacao elixer with a full aroma. The air whisked into the cacao is creates a softer taste that is really enjoyable. The Maya and Aztecs where known for making cacao drinks with thick layers of foam. You get the best result with a (hand)blender which also makes it easy to brew an elixer for a group.

Enjoy the aromas and sip with a smile. Wishing you lots of love ๐Ÿ™

PS: you can download the image below for an easy cacao drink guide โ˜Ÿ.