Pure cacao from Nicaragua!

The cacao that we fell in love with in Nicaragua grows in the Matagalpa region, a beautiful natural environment in the mountains.

High quality fermentation creates an exquisite taste with deep complex flavors. Fermenting cacao is an art and we're grateful to work with professionals to create a product that we're proud of and want to use every day ourselves.

No chemicals or pesticides are used and fair prices are paid to the farmers for the quality that they deliver to support their sustainable way of working.

We visited the farm personally and agreed on every step from bean to paste to ensure the highest quality.


A natural product that we're proud of

Instead of roasting at high temperatures our cacao beans are heated shortly at 90-100 degrees Celsius. Preserving the taste and healthy nutrients. 16 hours of stone grinding ensures a refined cacao paste that dissolves well in a drink with a smooth flavor. We noticed that finely ground cacao has a quicker and stronger effect as it seems easier for your body to uptake all its active compounds.

Order our pure cacao directly

This fine cacao paste is available in blocks of 450 or 1000 gram. We love to hand it over personally in Amsterdam or you can pick up a block at our new Cacao Bar. Of course we can also ship it to your address, click the button with shipping below to include shipping costs.

Shipping costs are €5,75 in NL. Fill the custom order form for free shipping in NL for orders from €90,-.


Use this form to order different amounts, international shipping or if you have a question.


Pure Kakaw Heart

“Open yours to open other’s.”

This premium pure cacao treat is to share and touch each others heart or dive deep yourself. A perfect gift. The Kakaw Heart is a strong dose of pure cacao. Crystallized by hand into a diamond heart.

Enough to share in two drinks.

You can order six hearts for €28,- with the button below.


Pure Kakaw Tabs

Let's make life easy. Because you're on the go, in a hurry or wake up after a party. Just use one of these specially prepared Pure Kakaw Tabs for your drink. Add warm water (or nut milk), add your favourite spices, whisk or stir and enjoy!

Make a delicious cacao drink in the blink of an eye.

Try a single tab for €2,50 or get 15 for €30,-


 Handmade chocolate

For discovering our chocolates we happily invite you to the Cacao Bar for tasting and see what we have. Our chocolates are handmade and change all the time. We work with different ingredients like goji, mango, fig, macadamia, almond, cashew, coconut blossom sugar, honey, coconut oil and more to make chocolate healthy again.

Send us a message if you’re interested for ordering a batch of chocolate for events, gifts, weddings, diners of if you’re just a very big chocolate fan :-). We can also make you a 1kg chocolate heart for special occasions.