Cacao ceremony

Cacao ceremonies become more popular and exist in many forms an shapes. It is not exactly clear how the native people in Mesoamerica held such ceremonies, but central was sharing the medicine of cacao and worshipping of deities. Today ceremonies exist in various settings as a spiritual ritual. Some focus more on meditation, others more on dancing and connecting.

Central is sharing the medicine of cacao in a drink which can be mixed with different spices. Often chili/cayenne pepper is used as it increases the effect of cacao and speeds up the intake by your body. Cacao is called the medicine of the heart and having a heart opening effect. This can be experienced in ceremonies or more casually by drinking cacao by yourself. This experience is in line with the physical effects that cacao has on your heart muscle and cardiovascular system.

The feminine energy of cacao can be experienced as a very soft touch. A ceremony is a great opportunity to connect with the plant in a sacred way. In Western cultures we’re not used to see plants as sacred or allocate them certain powers, although more people become interested in what we can learn from plants. Knowledge of native cultures is valued more and plants become more popular as medicine. And for good reasons, if not creating great experiences, they are incredibly healthy.

Cacao dosage

In cacao ceremonies a larger dose than normal is used. There is not one fixed dose as it depends on the person and the strength of the cacao. You can experiment yourself which dose works good for you depending on your body weight and sensitivity. In general a ceremonial dose ranges from 25gr to 42gr.

Some like the pure taste of cacao to connect to the medicine, some prefer a mix with spices (chili/cayenne, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, kurkuma, galangal, salt, cinnamon, honey, maca, moringa), it’s all possible. Cow milk is avoided being an animal product and because it reduces the absorption of active compounds from cacao. If you don't want to use water you could use almond or soy milk instead, for example for golden cacao milk.

Also drink enough water, cacao has a dehydrating effect.