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Write a New Narrative

Write a New Narrative

What is your deepest belief? How do you prefer to live, and what do you need to truly do that?

Your inner voice tells you a story about your life every day. It determines how you see yourself and the world around you. Can you shape your story to support you in flourishing this summer? To live and show your full potential to the people around you?

To live the way you truly want, it is helpful to become aware of your own narrative. The voice that we carry inside us, tells us a story that reveals and inspires our deepest beliefs. On this day you shine light on your story - and shape it in a way that supports you to flourish this summer.

During this day retreat, we use tools that connect you to your body and inner wisdom. With the help of cacao, breathwork, and movement, we bring you back to your deepest essence, so you can let your inner wisdom speak to create the life that suits you best.


This day is packed with powerful practices that will nourish and inspire you, and support a deep connection with yourself. Among other things you will receive:

  • a cacao ceremony where we set the intention for the day and welcome you in the circle

  • guided breathwork session with live music to allow yourself to dive deeper into yourself and create space to feel

  • moving meditation to connect with your body and your intuitive flow

  • writing practices that help you express your inner voice

  • silent moments and optional walks through the forest to drop deeper down in to stillness and peaceful presence

  • Nourishing lunch and snacks

About the facilitators

Irene van Gent is the author who empowers women to make the world more beautiful with their own story and create the life that suits them best. She has published four books on topics such as natural nutrition, yoga, creating your ideal life, and a novel about the essence of true love. In addition, she guides women toward the life that best suits them by using writing as a tool to connect with their inner wisdom.

Leonie Emma Roxs is inspired to create moments for deep feeling, joyful expression and embodiment. She works with cacao, breathwork, truffles and live music in 1-1 sessions and group events. In 2017 she set up Pure Kakaw with Erik to support local communities and cacao food forest while connecting the consumers and the ceremonial cacao world to the origins. In 2024 she started Studio Vliegenbos with Soheila to create a space for breath & bodywork, events and live music.

Location: Studio Vliegenbos, Nieuwendammerkade 24F, Amsterdam
Date & Time: Saturday 13 April 10.00-18.00
Investment: €95 | Early bird before 13 March €85

Reserve your spot here.

Cancellation: 2 weeks before full refund | 1-2 weeks before 50% refund | 1 week before no refund.

With questions, feel free to reach out to or

We would love to welcome you there! 🌻

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