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Summer Solstice Ceremony (online)

Summer Solstice Ceremony (online)

Connect to your inner wisdom in this special Summer Solstice ceremony.

In this online ceremony we get together to celebrate this special moment of the year: Summer Solstice. By taking a moment to become still, and connect with our inner wisdom - we get clarity about what's important for us to focus on this summer.

Through a gentle breathing practice we drop into our bodies and embrace a state of powerful presence. From there we will connect with our ancestors and an older & wiser version of ourselves through a visualisation. We shine a light on what supports your wellbeing and happiness and how you can create this for yourself this summer. How can you take care of yourself, and allow your deepest wishes to come to fruit?

Let yourself be surprised by the generations of wisdom that you hold within you. See and listen on a profound level of wisdom, and celebrate Summer Solstice with clarity and purpose.

This ceremony is online - you will receive a mail with practical info a week before.

Price: €15 

Reserve your spot here. 

Please reach out with any questions if you have them.

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