Cacao & Truffle Microdose | 31 May

Cacao & Truffle Microdose | 31 May

Dear friends, we're happy to invite you for a new Cacao, Yoga & Microdose morning.

⬖ The Micro Mornings evolved from exploring different practices, microdosing and cacao. This has resulted in a powerful synergetic combination that we love to share in a small group, and in an intentional setting. We enjoy supporting each other in a healthy, creative and connected lifestyle.

Entrance time: 10:45 (tea is ready)
Starting time: 11:00 (so please be ready before ☺️)

🎟 Ticket for May 31st


⇢ Psilocybin can have many benefits from creativity, flow, self reflection and insights to mental wellbeing. Micro- or mini-dosing is an interesting way to explore how psylocibin can benefit you in a safe way for a curious and positive mindset.
⇢ Cacao has various health benefits and neurocognitive enhancing effects. You can use cacao to increase your focus and creativity as well as to dive deeper in meditation or yoga practices.
⇢ Yoga connects us with ourselves, our body, our flow and peaceful state of mind.

Cacao + yoga + microdose makes a synergetic combination with a deepening experience that we love to share.

more info:


⬖ The intention of the event is not to guide you in a trip but to microdose. We will share the morning together in a connected, safe and intentional setting.
⬖ The ticket includes truffles, cacao and yoga.

Smart to bring:
✓ Comfy clothes to move your body.
✓ Water bottle.
✓ Yoga mat. We have mats available, but it's nice to have your own.
✓ Scarf/blanket or something warm for savasana.
✓ Fruits/nuts to eat afterwards, we advise a light breakfast before.



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