Taoistic Autumn Walk with Boswachter Barry & Leonie

Aug 09, 22

Taoistic Autumn Walk with Boswachter Barry & Leonie

Summer has passed, winter is coming and autumn is here. Dive into your own inner season to connect with nature's wisdom about autumn. What leaves do you let go of?

Seasons take place within us just as much as they do outside of us. We are nature. The seasons dictate the natural flow of life. Acknowledging where life is at in this moment helps to live with less effort as you can see what this time of year is trying to tell us. This is Taoistic practice. 

Barry weaves his love for Taoïsm with his knowledge of ecology; in a lighthearted way he translates profound lessons from nature into lessons for a happy, healthy daily life. This time we focus on what Autumn is trying to tell us. 

In this cacao walk, Barry and Leonie will guide you into a inspiring state of mind in order to connect to Autumn and receive nature's wisdom. We will share cacao, meditation, silence, questions and exercises to start to see the natural environment as an extension of ourselves. We open up to the wisdom that is hidden in plain sight. 

Join us on this lighthearted and eye-opening walk! 

Location: Amsterdamse Bos. 
We will meet each other at the following location (close to Amsterdam bostheater and boat rental Mini Captain): https://maps.app.goo.gl/s2EEr8vpyWpQCou57

Date & time: