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Cacao Ceremony - Your Inner Voice of Wisdom | 20 Dec

Cacao Ceremony - Your Inner Voice of Wisdom | 20 Dec

Join us on this special night just before Winster Solstice. We drink the anciently revered cacao drink - a gentle plant medicine of heart - and we open up to the wisdom of our deepest inner self, connected with our family lines. Shedding layers that no longer serve us through music & voice liberation and open up to a new year with clear focus and bright energy.

Leonie will guide this ceremony. We will work with the breath, cacao, music and our family lines.

Through cacao and the breath we first connect with our internal world. Cacao has her way of holding whatever is there in a loving embrace of acceptance. Imagine the warmest loving embrace that meets and supports you exactly as you are. A medicine of the heart that frees up blockages so you can open up to the love, joy and kindness that is always there inside of you.

Family Lines / System Work
From a state of deep presence, we will connect with our ancestors and an older & wiser version of ourselves. By listening to our inner voice, we can gain clarity and focus. Live our life more fully, freely and with purpose. Let yourself be surprised by the generations of wisdom that you hold within you. We can see and listen on a profound level of wisdom, if we allow ourselves.

Voice Expression & Singing
From there we meet each other in the vibration of sound. The voice is our center of expression. When we sing together we connect with each other in a way that humans have done for ages. The tales we tell through singing and music connect us on a universal level. This vocal expression is not about singing 'right', it's about allowing yourself to be heard. You are invited to voice and liberate yourself, and through this process feel deeply connected.

We are excited to welcome you at Lalik, the beautiful and intentional space of Bianca - a selfcare centre that facilitates events that help you reflect, grow, heal and live your live fully. Feel free to come by yourself or bring a friend - we are looking forward to close this year of 2023 together with you.

Please eat lightly beforehand - or at least 2 hours before the event. Make sure you have energy, but prevent a full belly.

Location: LALIK Winkel & Café, Van Boshuizenstraat 560, Amsterdam
Doors are open from 19.15h
Start Ceremony: 19.30h
End Ceremony: 21.30

Investment: €35

Sign up through Lalik's Hipsy & Eventbrite.

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